“And I don’t blame the Mongoloids. Look, they got space shuttles too.”

Don’t blame the Mongoloids – they have
power trios, too!

This may not be fair, but here goes. To say that Killing the Buddha’s recent interview with an inflamed Tea Party sympathizer reveals the average thinking of  Tea Partiers would be reckless, but the interview is telling. “Mr. Stewart’s” sound critique of the “mediaocracy” and reasonable understanding of geopolitical grievances appear alongside his loathsome, anachronistic racism.

To wit:

Most people vote according to how they are influenced by the media. Ever since back in the fifties I could read the newspapers, I didn’t care who won the elections, I was not political, I never voted for thirty or forty years, but I could tell who was gonna win the elections. All I had to do was open the newspaper, The New York Times, and I’d say Well, look, they favor Johnson more than they do Goldwater; Johnson’s gotta win. I didn’t know why, but ever since then I have been thinkin’ about it. Finally I figured it out.

The people that own the media determine who’s gonna get elected because most of the idiots out here are just gonna turn on that TV; they don’t have the sense to turn on the Internet and find a different viewpoint. And the people that own the seven or eight big media conglomerates, they start at the primary level, so by the time you get to the national level—like Obama against McCain—they’ve already been vetted on both sides. It doesn’t matter which one wins, so in the end if we had voted for McCain, we’d have gotten the same war that we got from Obama.


The reason terrorists are over here is because they are being colonized, the same way that the American Indians fought my ancestors cause they were takin’ their land. It makes sense.

But then we get to insane observations that seem to be drawn from The Creation Museum:

We’re destroyin’ it because we don’t understand racism. There’ll always be Nigroes in Africa. There’ll always be Mongoloids in Asia. And I don’t blame the Mongoloids. Look, they got space shuttles too. If the white race dies out that’s my only hope for civilization. But Europeans—there won’t be any white people left within a generation or two. We still have a few women who want to be mothers. They still have a slight maternal instinct, but they aren’t havin’ enough kids! Like 1.3 per generation. In Kenya, in Zimbabwe, they’re havin’ 9 per generation. And people like you, compassionate liberals, are goin’ out there, sayin’, Let’s give em all our money; we don’t need kids, we don’t need money!


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