Why We Get Things So Wrong – Washington Post

Yesterday, my review of two books about the prevalence of human error ran on the front page of The Washington Post’s Outlook section.  Could’ve had a more timely angle, what with the daily accumulation of ignorance of stupidity, but there was already too much going on in both books to fully serve them in a joint review.

Kathryn Sculz’s Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error is particularly charming. She’s got a light touch and a lively mind. Beyond that, her contemplation of our ever-present, irrational certainty should be confirmed by all of your day to day frustrations, from politics to taking the subway, to arguing with your partner.

David Freedman’s Wrong is also engaging but in a more infuriating way – he focuses on how and why “experts,” primarily medical experts, game the system in order to promote their research. Deadly stuff.


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