Hello Again

Hello again!I know that most of you are signing autographs on the internet 24/7, but the past four months or so have been grand, hectic, and analog for me. Back in the saddle as of today, though. To wade back into the fray, a selection of things I’ve read and, more infuriatingly, things I’ve thought about but didn’t write:

Prior to WWI US immigration officials didn’t need a passport to tell whether or not you were an imbecile. Science thinks that, yes, we tell ourselves stories in order to live.  That said, we put off everything to enjoy the living. Due to a lack of attention by the authorities, some Native Americans are resorting to vigilante justice. I live in Pigtown. We are a species in thrall to creepers. Some Americans are consuming far too much health for their own good. Loneliness is a survival impulse – like thirst. There are five ways to land a lover. Malcolm Gladwell totally misunderstands why we all find him irritating. Conservatives evidently love them some war. Updike loved himself some Nabokov. Paranoid fears of white dispossession weren’t just in my imaginationNinja rocks actually work. In my old Kentucky home they hope that if they build it, you will come. Here’s why things like this blog and Facebook should freak us all out.  Here’s why in other, better hands things like this blog should not freak us out.

And finally, in the great internet of tradition of content without substance, I give you…

Cats playing patty-cake!
A painful testament to the power of self-delusion!
That Muppet Under Pressure thing!


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