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I don’t really write about music – most people shouldn’t write about music. Seems to me that more you feel the songs, the more opaque, the less transparent the writing. So I’ll just say this: Louisville is on fire right now with King’s Daughters & Sons, Seluah, and Nathan Salsburg (Nathan’s not a native, but I’m drafting him).

They’re all so very different – from KD&S’s dreadfully beautiful epics and Seluah’s crushing Sabbath-inspired ferocity, to Salsburg’s staggering acoustic guitar show pieces – but all so very brilliant. These folks are all the real deal. Click through the complete post for more songs. And after that don’t be a prick: buy these records as soon as possible.

King’s Daughters & Sons, “The Anniversary”

Seluah, “Black Sand”

Nathan Salsburg, “Affirmed”


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