Our Favorite Weapon – Glock

This Sunday’s New York Times Book Review includes a review I wrote of Paul Barrett’s Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun. Pull the trigger here.

A snippet:

The Glock is everywhere, in innumerable TV shows and movies, strapped to most law enforcement personnel, name-dropped in hip-hop songs. The no-­firearms sign posted at airports features the distinctive, squat Glock silhouette. As Barrett writes, the Glock is “the Google of modern civilian handguns: the pioneer brand that defines its product category.” Barrett argues that the Glock achieved such market penetration and cultural cachet as much because of timing and marketing as any native characteristic of the gun. Barrett’s argument isn’t unique — what business thrives without luck and opportunism? — yet on balance “Glock” offers an instructive examination of American weapons fetishism.


One Response to Our Favorite Weapon – Glock

  1. patriot 777 says:

    Love my Glock and it stays loaded at all times …..the resistance will be prepared

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