On Human Nurture – Jesse Prinz

Jesse in his office, David Hume over his shoulder.

Jesse in his office, David Hume over his shoulder.

UPDATE: It probably doesn’t matter much to anyone but me, but soon after this piece was published Arts & Letters Daily posted a link. And for the week of July 21 an excerpt of this story is the lead feature on The University of Chicago‘s home page.

The newest issue of The University of Chicago Magazine includes my profile of philosopher Jesse Prinz. Jesse, Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Center, CUNY, works at the intersection of philosophy, cognitive neuroscience, and experimental psychology. His work is utterly and entirely fascinating.

Check out the profile. You can find a link to the piece here, or you can download a more elegant layout of the piece here (that’s a large pdf).

And here’s a  piece Jesse wrote on wonder – totally worth your time and a nice introduction to his dynamic, challenging work.


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