26 Seconds, A History of the Zapruder Film


The Globe asked me to take a look at 26 Seconds: A Personal History of the Zapruder FilmAlexandra Zapruder detailed, fascinating, and elegant rumination on the assassination film her grandfather had the misfortune to create.

From the review:

Alexandra’s book is indeed a “personal” history. And to be sure, it also explores the impact of the film on American culture. But the bulk of “26 Seconds” chronicles the comings and goings of the footage and argues for the decency of the often-maligned Zapruder family, who have largely remained silent about their role in history, one that prevented them from being able to fully inhabit the normal, poignant human obscurity that most of us enjoy. Making use of family and government archives, interviews, and her own memory, Alexandra offers a supple, tender portrait of a family lashed to history.


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